Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Do Your fitness goals have an expiration date?

There is no time limit on your dreams. There is only one best before date on your body; best before you die.

So, until then live out you dreams, chase your desires and make your reality a happy place to live!

But remember, dreams come in all shapes and sizes. Don't belittle the man whose dreams is simple to walk a bit faster to work. Same as don't be jealous of the man whose dream is to win a marathon. Live out your own dreams. Chase your own desires.

But remember a dream is something you are working towards. A fantasy is something you just hope to happen but you know it most likely won’t. A fantasy is something you aren’t working towards achieving. Example, a dream can be to run that marathon. However, if you aren’t a professional athlete or at least training as dedicated as one; a fantasy is to say you are going to win the Marathon…

So in terms of your fitness goals;  sit down and decide what you really want. If your goal is just to lose some weight and feel healthier; you will still need a training plan and diet plan. It doesn't not need to be complex, just something that makes you aware of foods/workouts to help you reach your goal.

However, if your goal is to compete or get a fitness model body you need more dedication, time and intensity. So, if you aren't training and eating as close to a professional athlete or bodybuilder as you can then your dreams maybe turning into fantasies; so GET DEDICATED!

In life and especially fitness follow your dreams but don’t become delusional with fantasies.

So good luck on your fitness journey. Enjoy every step of this amazing life!

I always say the Three Cs of life are choice, chance and change; YOU have to make the choice to take the chance, if you want anything to change.

Antoine Allen

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