Tuesday, 18 February 2014

How to be a Fitness model? The beginners guide

One of the most repeated questions i receive is "how can i become a fitness model?"

However, it isn't a simple or easy question to answer.

In the world of fitness there are many different types of "models". The term fitness model has become an all encompassing generic term for many different types of work.

Here is a brief list of what falls under "fitness model"

  • Cover modelThe guys/girls you see on the front of fitness magazines. Some of which may fall into other categories too.
  • Sports Models
    Girls/Guys like myself who can play a number of sports or are a specialist at a particular sport. We appear in commercials or print campaigns
  • Commercial fitness models
    This is where a girl/guy usually is wearing some sports clothes or demonstrate fitness in magazines/tv. They represent an achievable but good physique. Usually have a nice smile too :)
  • Fitness competitors
    This is someone who has entered a fitness modelling competition. From entering a competition other opportunities can arise like sponsorship, Magazine shoots etc etc. Rather than representing a brand this may help you build up your own brand; ie your public/fitness profile
  • Social media personality
    This is where someone has a large social media following. That maybe through a blog, youtube, instagram, twitter... whatever the avenue they have used, it has enabled them to gain notoriety and again potential funding/sponsorship.
Question is which one do you want to be?
check out my video guide on all of the categories mentioned


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