Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Antoine Allen's transformation from athlete to unfit to sports model plus the workouts that got him there

I thought it might be interesting to see my change. I am a natural sports model, i don't count calories, i don't do if it fits your macros, i don't weigh my food, i don't do food preps... not because i am part of some new diet regime; i am just lazy!

I like simple meals, fruit nuts and protein shakes. I just aim for 200g of protein each day.

Here i have managed to collate some old pictures vs new pictures of my physique. I have also listed all the workouts i have tried over the years. 

As you can see i have always had pecks.This is due to my school gym having a peck deck and a lat pull down machine; so i have a big back and big pecks from overtraining those two machines.

Advice: TAKE PICTURES; they can really inspire you to train hard and show you how far you have come.

Below, is a picture from a fashion show(modelling some underwear) and a picture I took in a changing room recently. FYI Zara changing rooms are great places to tAke progress pictures. That's why when you are in the store the clothes look amazing; then you get home you are like "why did i buy this? i look like a clown!"

6'2 long legs and arms; needed to add some size to them or i just look like the link panther
I basically have the longest arms in the world lol. 
Coming from an athletics background meant my body fat has never been very high. But, i was very lean and skinny
In terms of my preference my abs here are my favourite... i could still do with losing 5% more body fat. but as you can see my abs are thick so i don't need to have super loser body fat to have visible abs.

As you can see I have developed more muscle mass. However my waist is the same and my body fat is actually lower in the before picture. 

Turns out hitting the gym also makes your hair transform
My abs are just a lot "thicker" in the after picture. The picture itself was taken 04/02/14 the before I think is 2010 not sure. 

Here are the workouts i used
i would start each session with 4x 10-20 pull ups (ie at first i could only do 10..then got to 20)


5x5 bench press
4x8/8 dumbbell fly superset
4x15 peck deck
4x15 cable fly
4x10 incline bench press
4x20 weighted dips

4x12 Lat pull down

4x12 cable row
3x15 barbell row
4x12/12 dumbbell row
4x15 weighted ull ups

4x10 squats

10x10 leg press
5x5 deadlift
10x15 leg extension
10x12 leg curl
3x10 straight leg deadlift

5x8 trap bar deadlift


5x20 twisting sit ups,
5x20 leg raises,
4x12/12/12/12 side dumbbell bends
4x20 weighted crunches
5x20/20 cable crunches with leg raises or sit ups
5x12 cable crunches
human flag holds
side knee raises
i have never done the plank

4x12 preacher curl 
5x10/10 dumbbell curl
4x10 barbel curl
5x12 tricep pull down
5x12 side lateral raises
5x5 dumbbell press
4x10 up right row
4x8 barbell press
i find the cardio that most fitness models do boring. so we used to aim for fast times and challenges
1km run
2km row
3x1.5km bike ride
1km bike ride
1.5km bike ride
3km bike ride

What are you thoughts?

Good luck and comment below how you get on with this Tip...

I always say the Three Cs of life are choice, chance and change; YOU have to make the choice to take the chance, if you want anything to change.

Antoine Allen

Think it, believe it and you will achieve it
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