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Top Ten Home Gym Equipments

Not everybody has the time or spare cash to go to the gym. However, that doesn't mean you have to let your health go. You can train at home or in the park!

Even if you do have a gym membership, there are certain equipment you should think about purchasing for yourself.

On a previous post i wrote a full workout for your home, one for Men and Women.

Here is a list of equipment you might want to think about purchasing. These will help you build a basic and cheap home workout environment. Along with equipment for your gym workouts!

Equipment to Buy

  1. A workout mat: Something soft to lay down on. That's not going to let your sweat drip all over our carpet/floor.
  2. Gloves: I prefer training in a nice pair of gloves. You get three types of training gloves:
    A) Gloves that don't support your Wrists
    B) Gloves that do support your wrists
    C) Palm grip pads
  3. Abs Roller: This is a great and small little piece of equipment. It works your abs and your arms. It can fit in a draw. It is powered by your will power! Check out my video on how to use it effectively

    Ab Roller Wheel with Extra Thick Knee Pad Mat and Comfort Foam Handles, Black - Dual, Double Pro Abdominal Exercise Wheel - Great Fitness Workout for Abs
  4. Dumbbells: Yes some weights. however, you don't need 50kg dumbbells! A box of adjustable weights, will help you work your whole body. You can use them for squats, presses, raises, weighted abs workouts... list is endless
    There are two types of dumbbells for sale.
    A) These colourful non-adjustable soft dumbbells

    York Family Dumbbell Weight Set and Stand
    B)These adjustable metal dumbbells. Great for intense training and serious goals

    York 20kg Cast Iron Dumbbell Set and Case
  5. An Adjustable pull up bar: You don't need to drill into any walls, you just twist the handles or hang it on to your door frame. It can be used to train your back and your abs.
    There are two types
    A) This one twists into your door frame

    Doorway Pull Up Bar and Chin Up Bar
    B) Multi-purpose bar that hangs on your door frame (this is the best option; it can be used for Dips, Sit ups & Press ups as well)

    Multi-Purpose Amazing Workout Bar for Your Door
  6. Skipping Rope: a simple adjustable rope for either indoors(if you have space) or outdoors. Some ropes are only for indoors, but you can just put your workout mat underneath you and use it outside.

    Speed Skipping Rope Adjustable Jump Rope - For Boxing, Crossfit, WODs, Fitness Training, Double Unders - Wire Rope Plastic Coated - Professional for Men and Women Adults - Best Lifetime Guarantee
  7. Weighted Vest: adding a weighted vest can really take your whole homeworkout to the next level! You can use it for runnings, jumping, squats, press ups, sit ups, lunges..... anything you can think of

    RDX Pro Removable Weighted Vest 8,10,12,14, 20 Kg for Homeworkouts, Gym Workouts, Cardio and Weightloss
  8. Ankle weights: ankle weights can be used for intense leg workouts. Especial kick backs for ladies looking to work their bum. Also guys and girls can use them in sprints and jumps.

    H&S® 1kg, 2kg, 3kg, 4kg, 5kg, 6kg, 8kg, 10kg, Wrist Ankle Weights Exercise Fitness Gym Resistance Stength Training Running
  9. Medicine Ball: no it's not filled with drugs. Medicine ball is a weighted ball you can use for lots of different workouts. From simply holding it during squats to throwing it onto a wall as hard as you can. Great piece of kit that can be fun!

    Heavy Duty Leather Medicine ball 5kg,8kg,10kg, 12kg Exercise Fitness Gym
  10. Dips and Pull up Belt: Does what it says on the tin! You add weight the belt to make pull ups and dips harder. You can take this with you to the gym as well.

    Weight Training Dipping Belt with chain

    For those of you wanting to really build a home gym. This is first little purchase you might want to think about making

    Decline Sit ups bench: This bench can be folder away, so you can take your core training to the next level. Sit ups, crunches, russian twists...

    Cheap and Durable Sit up Abs Bench 

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    Here is my park and home workout playlist

    A) Park Workouts

    B) Home Workouts

    Check out my other posts for more tips, workouts and motivation.
    Good luck and comment below how you get on with this Tip...

I always say the Three Cs of life are choice, chance and change; YOU have to make the choice to take the chance, if you want anything to change.

Antoine Allen

Think it, believe it and you will achieve it
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