Saturday, 1 February 2014

What is the quickest way to get into 'shape'?

Training hard and eating a clean healthy diet= obvious! Yes, we all know it. Even though we don’t always do it!

1. You need a training plan that you will stick to.
2. You need a diet plan you like the sound of and fits your goals

However, there is one more addition that will help you get ‘fit quick’!

Especially, if you are one of the many people who don’t enjoy the gym. AND even if you do love the gym this tip will benefit your goals.

Training + Diet + Hobby/goal you love= 
Quick and Lasting Fitness success

Try combing your training or diet with the love of an activity ie sporting hobbies/goals.
What’s a goal/hobbie that will benefit your fitness? Well a goal could be playing football, netball, basketball, going for runs/bike rides consistently with friends. Or, entering fitness competitions, running marathons, Tough mudder, track and field event, etc etc. Or even simply consistently being active with your friends/family. The parents race on sports day… Use training in the gym as a means to improve the rest of your life. Fitness is more than just lifting weights. It is being able to run up the stairs in your house without losing breath. It is feel comfortable in your own skin. It is a lifestyle not a number on scale or some metal kgs in the gym.

So, how will this tip help you? 

1. It will make each session more worthwhile. 

2. It will make you stick longer at your goals; as you will see the benefits in other areas of your life to. 

3. The increase in activity may open up a world of possibilities for you; better fitness, making new friends and setting new goals. You may even be inspired to start a new activity with your newfound confidence and fitness.

In the gym there is a finite amount of goals you can really sets; either reps, maxes or improving technique. If that's what you are into then carry on.
 However, although most people do want strength/endurance gains after a while hitting that wall where you no longer improve as quickly, can be motivationally destroying. At that moment it is good to also tie your motivation to activities outside of the confides of the gym. so go out and find yourself a hobby!

Good luck and comment below how you get on with this Tip...

I always say the Three Cs of life are choice, chance and change; YOU have to make the choice to take the chance, if you want anything to change.

Antoine Allen

Think it, believe it and you will achieve it
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