Friday, 7 March 2014

HATERS: H- Having A- Anger T- Towards E- Everyone R- Reaching S- Success... True or false?

We live in a world of sayings: Yolo, Mirin, Beastmode, true story, just saying, Team(place people admire or yourself)...

The overuse of these sayings has turned them into cliches. It has left them with very little meaning. Or worse made people use them for every given situation; without self-evaluating.
Yolo; so did you think you were going to live forever?

The biggest culprit of this over usage is "haters". Everyone from celebrities to small children( without a worry in the world) seem eligible for "haters". However, some of the time what is being labelled as hate, really is that cold truth. Or to use another cliche that "real talk"!

Sometimes we surround ourselves with people who think exactly the same as we do. This leaves us unable to self access. Unable to look deep inside of our conscience and say 
"well maybe i am being a douche and this person is showing me the error of my ways".

The fable of this belief is found in the Emporer's new coat. By surrounding ourselves with people who are afraid to disagree with us, it makes us unable to realise we are making a fool of ourselves or in the wrong. Again with the cliche... Don't believe your own hype!

Sometimes you need that Real Talk, to stop you thinking you are on Beastmode because so many of your followers are Mirin, which has left you saying YOLO to every situation and thinking everyone who isn't on TeamMe are Haters... just saying!

However sometimes people are genuine haters!

"Wait, didn't you just saying you need blah blah"
Yes, but just as we can struggle to self-evaluate, other people can struggle with self-censorship. Whereby, they just say whatever they are thinking regardless of whether it hurts or helps someone. Sometimes there thoughts aren't based on your successes or failures. But actually based on their own dislike of themselves or their lives. They project their negative thoughts outwards in the form of attacking people who they see as: easy targets; receiving love for other people; people they don't understand, people they know they will never meet in real life or a host of many of ignorant reasons. These people are genuine haters. Question is What do you do when confronted by one of them?

"Hoes aren't gunna slap themselves" I was told this by a boy who looked like a young Harry Potter. Sometimes it's good to shoot down someone trying to shoot you down. Like Gabeurey Sidibe. However, this can backfire and people may think you are arrogant. As Mark Twain said
I am with Miss Sidibe; sometimes you need to keep
your pimp hand strong!

“Never argue with a fool, onlookers may not be able to tell the difference.”
Yet, sometimes it is worth the risk for your own satisfaction.

However, most of the time it's better to just keep blinding them with your achievements. Giving them the time of day only adds fuel to their pointless fire.
The analogy for this is... "if a dog barks at the moon, it is nothing special. However, when the moon barks back, it becomes a story".

Question is, how do you tell a hater from someone giving you that real talk?

'If you have no critiques, you have no success' great quote. Sums up life.
The more you do, the more people will watch you. The more people will love you and the more people will hate you. How do you know whether you are doing the right things? Whether their hate is actually correct? I say this; if more people love you than hate you, more people would stand by you than stand against you and if more people would cry at your funeral than laugh at your demise. Then you are a good person doing good things. You should remember the cheers of your fans rather than be held down by the whispers of your 'haters'. However, always keep the ability to self-evaluate. Step back and think am i really making the right choices? If i didn't know me, would i think i am a good person?

You tell a hater from someone giving you that real talk, by looking at the man or woman in the mirror. Asking him or her if they truly are in the right...

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"We swallow greedily any lie that flatters us, but we sip only little by little at a truth we find bitter." - Denis Diderot

So good luck on your journey. Enjoy every step of this amazing life!

I always say the Three Cs of life are choice, chance and change; YOU have to make the choice to take the chance, if you want anything to change.

By Antoine Allen 

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