Tuesday, 5 August 2014

How to get motivation for the gym and how to reach your goals!

Type I need motivation into twitter or Facebook and you find countless people writing about the gym. And their lack of motivation to go there!

"I need a training partner"
"I don't have any money"
"It's so far"
"It's too hot"
"The guys are too hungry" 
"I'm so tired"
"I don't know what I'm doing?!!"

Cold truth is; Motivation begins and ends with you! Everything else encourages or discourages you to be more or less motivated. Your job is to put yourself in the best circumstances to stay motivated. But in the end a person with a plan will find a way to complete their goals regardless!

Gym burnt down: cool: i will train at home!
Really tired from work; no worries, quick power nap and a banana i am good to go!
No money; Looks like i am training at the park this week!
Zombie Apocalypse outside: looks like i will have to prove i wasn't lying all those times is said #BeastMode : YEAH BUDDY!

So, What does having a plan mean? It is symbolic of having a meaningful and realistic way of achieving your goal. GET SERIOUS. GET DEDICATED. GET A GOAL AND A PLAN TO ACHIEVE THAT GOAL!

That said maximise your potential comes from finding ways to defeat their potential excuses.

So, Here are the excuses and how to defeat them!

" I don't know what I'm doing?!!"
Well you rarely see people admit this one. However, really and truly, a lack of knowledge or plan is the primary reason for not being motivated. A lack of a plan enables you to make excuses about a lack of motivation.

Tuesday, Thursday and Friday should be more than days of the week. They should be chest day, back day, cardio day, full body day Ect ect.

If you need help ask; If you have help use it and If you use it, be patient and dedicated to your goals!!!! Your goals won't happen overnight or even weeks. Your goals should be to make fitness a part of your lifestyle not just for a holiday, wedding or selfie.

Need help?

1. there are lots of free workouts plans out there and magazine(which also have helpful websites).

2. if you have some spare money get a Personal trainer or join a training group.

3. This blog alone has a Free Gym Abs workout, Free Home Abs Workout, Free Chest workout, Free home workout out plans for Men & for Women, Free Pull up guide, Free Diet Plans for Men & for Women and Motivation from my own journey!

"I need a training partner"
This is one of the most common excuses; yes it is an excuse. I have written on why a training partner is better than training alone. However, often a training partner is more than a spot for safety. They become the personification of your exterior motivation. They are the little voice that tells you "hey, lets go to the gym and get fit".

Problem is when that person no longer fulfils your need for motivation or reassurance. At that point and before that point, you need to be your own source of motivation. That little voice in your head needs to be a loud shout of "GET UP! THESE MUSCLES AREN'T GOING TO BUILD THEMSELVES; THIS FAT ISN'T GOING TO BURN ITSELF!"

 So, yes a training partner will make your training more motivating and maybe even more regular; certainly safer. But, if you don't have a partner that is no excuse. Go train at the gym or park and you might actually make a friend, who then can become your new training partner.

Remember a training partner walks this fitness journey alongside you; they can't carry you. You have to walk yourself! So once again you need your own plan. Stick to a plan and a training partner is only a welcome addition; they aren't such a necessity!

"It's so far" or "It's too hot"
"No journey is too far, if you find what you are looking for" Nietzsche. This quote best summarise why this is no excuse. If you really want those goals, really want to get get fit; then no journey is too far. However, i understand sometimes that trip to the gym can feel like some Lord of the ring style epic journey. However, instead of joining a gym on the other side of middle earth, why not find one closer to your house or work.
Or remember that training and the gym aren't one and the same. You can workout/train in your local park, field or even your living room. Training is 30% location and 70% imagination!- Check out my homeworks for Women and for Men. The next time you think the gym is too far; look at your bedroom, living room or Garden floor and see your new gym! So yeah, when it's too hot you can always enjoy a park workout; so you get to enjoy the sunshine and train... Try this Parkworkout list of 18 plus workouts to do!

"I don't have any money"

With the goal to lose pounds or gain pounds; we often are held back by not wanting to lose more pounds in our bank account than our body. However, this connection is synonymous with the current fitness trends and fads.
This spurious way of thinking that you need expensive protein shakes, expensive training clothes and trainers to achieve achieve your goals. Or that you need to train in a ridiculously expensive gym. Remember, I already said you can train at home or the park which are both free. Plent guys get ripped in prison with just a bench and pull up bar. That said, i am not advising you to go and rob a bank for some potential prison workout time.
Remember, Supplementation is optional but if you do choose to drink the odd protein shakes, you don't have to buy an expensive name brand. Supplements will help your goals and don't have to be unhelpful to your bank account. Protein is mainly marketing; ie it is all basically the same! Try a cheaper brand like Pro-10 Uk; quality products at an affordable price! You can buy exactly what you need.

Quick tips:
  1. Find a cheap gym that suits your fitness level and class requirements( you don't need 100 random classes if you only do spin)
  2. Buy protein in bulk; it will cost less
  3. Buy food in bulk
  4. cycle to the gym
  5. buy non-brand workout clothes- remember you goal is too look good out of the clothes not just in them

" I am too tired"

Often people say this because they have spent a hard day at work or school. Leaving them unable to muster the energy to then go and punish themselves in the weights room, in a class or on the road for that jog.

Well, often a lack of energy can come from poor diet and sleep patterns. Those sleep patterns can be influenced by poor eating practices. Ie late night meals, skipping meals and no diet plan. You need to look at your whole lifestyle. Do you really need to be staying up late watching The only way is essex? Eating too close to bedtime often keeps people up late. Try to leave an hour before dinner and bed time. Try a little home workout before shower and bed. Supplementation wise, it has been said that ZMA is a great before bed to help sleep after a hard session.
As i stated earlier there are free diet plans on this blog and many other sources on the internet.
Lastly, stress if often a cause for sleep deprivation. However, the gym is great way to relieve your stresses. So go and punch that bag, pound the pavement during a run or lift some heavy weights and you will feel alot better about life!


Having a plan is important; regardless of how or what you want to achieve. Whether your goals is to be fitter, look fitter, run 100m, run a marathon or just to be able to walk up the stairs and play with your loved ones without feeling tired; you need a plan of action. You need to stay dedicated and have patience to keep following that plan.

So that's you motivated now right? no? Well like i said motivation begins with YOU. You have to find what motivates you, what makes you tick and what is your goal! Find a sport you love, a goal you want to achieve or something you wan tto change! Sorting out everything else mentioned above enables you to stop making excuses. But in the end you need to be able to motivate yourself whatever the circumstance!

... That said This is all the things being motivated has enabled me to achieve; there are no excuses, there is no try only DO OR NOT!

Thoughts? Feel motivated? Feel lazy? Comment below!

So good luck on your fitness journey. Enjoy every step of this amazing life!

I always say the Three Cs of life are choice, chance and change; YOU have to make the choice to take the chance, if you want anything to change.

Antoine Fitness Model

Beach Body Full Abs Workout part 2

Ok, as promised here is another full abs workout to do! There is no try, only Do or not! -Yoda

For those of you who haven't done the first one... Click here

As I said previously, most of us are under the delusion that a couple of sit ups, crammed into the end of the session will work magic. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but you are wasting your time. If you want a beach body, you will need to put in some hard work and time. 

Obviously, nutrition is key to lowering your body fat. (Click here to see my diet plan post for men and click here for women)

However,  low body fat doesn't mean you will instantly have the body to run slow motion down a beach in L.A. You need to put in some abs training/cardio so your core is solid and your abs are ripped!

Here is an intense workout plan for men and women looking to train their abs hard!

Here is the workout:

Leg raises: 5x20 leg raises with 5 second hold after each 5 reps 

Superset Cable crunches & Leg raises: 4x30/20

Single Arm Twisting Cable Crunches: 4x15/15- Elbow to opposite knee- Right side 15 reps and then left side 15 reps.

Russian Twists: 3x30 (use a 5,10 or 20kg plate depending on fitness level)

Side Dumbbell bends: 4x12/12/12/12

Decline sit ups, crunches and Russian Twists: 4x 15/15/30 with (5,10,15 or 20kg plate or kettlebell- use a kettlebell if you can)

Cardio: 1km run, 1km row, 1km bike

Aim to hit 40minutes of steady state cardio at least once a week.

Please watch my youtube videos if you are unsure how to perform the exercises properly. 

Here are a number of other abs workouts you can replace some of these exercises with, to mix up your session

Abs Workout Circuits

Single arm cable crunch

Cable crunch intense superset

Example video:
1. How to perform a crunch and Double crunch

2. How to perform cable crunches correctly

Remember, the key to visible abs is good nutrition and training hard. Defaulting on either of the two will lead you to not achieving the results you were hoping for.

Good luck and comment below how you get on with this workout...

I always say the Three Cs of life are choice, chance and change; YOU have to make the choice to take the chance, if you want anything to change.

Antoine Allen