Sunday, 19 April 2015

Bored of cardio? Do this fat burning workout instead!

One word Battling Ropes; ok that's two words. But this piece of kit has so many different uses to improve your overall fitness and health; plus they can be really fun and addictive(once you master the technique).

Battling ropes come in different lengths and weights. They can be found tucked away in most decent fitness gyms (However, you might not find them in a purely Bodybuilding gym). I say tucked away because most people do not know how to use them properly. I often see Personal Trainers simply expecting their clients to workout how to use them without proper instruction. Yeah, just picking them up and swinging your arms as fast as you can in a crazy fashion is perfect form...Not. Much like squats, deadlifts, press ups or even skipping, there is a specific technique on how to use battling ropes effectively.


There are many different ways to use the battling ropes. Form can be simple working your arms by flexing from the elbow joint. Or engaging more of your back by flexing from the shoulder joint and moving your whole arm. Your PT really should be telling you which form they want you to use, because they are different exercise and work your body in a different way...

Either way not to worry, my video explains the technique for beginners and you can choose which one you want to start off with.


Once you master the technique of how best to use the ropes. You can then move on the many different variations you can use with the ropes. I have listed the first 15 in my video. However, there are many more and you to can try out your own variation. You might have seen the video of the guy doing the flying press ups whilst using the ropes... Well here are some basic variations to start with.


A basic battling rope workout can simple be 15-30 seconds as fast as you can with 45 seconds rest between rounds.
However, i have assembled a selection of different circuit videos you can try out yourself. These circuits mean that the battling ropes can be used in conjunction with training which ever part of your body you are hitting that day... You can use use them for an explosive abs workout... 

Here are the workouts; simply click below

  1. Fat Burning 500 reps insanity Battle Rope Workout
  2. Battling Rope HIIT Abs Workout; Crunch time!!
  3. Fat Burning 90 second Insanity Battle Rope Workout
  4. Battle Rope Workout for a ripped Back SuperSet
  5. Battling Rope Legs & Back Beastmode Circuit
  6. Advanced Battling Ropes Power Circuit
  7. 120 rep Battling Rope HIIT Abs Workout; Fat burning time!!
  8. Battling Rope Abs HIIT workout: slams, ropes and twists
  9. Battling Rope HIIT Leg workout: jumps, skipping and ropes #NoWeightsNoExcuses
  10. Battling Rope HIIT circuit: ropes, jumps & Skipping
  11. Battling Rope Chest, Legs & Back Beastmode Circuit
Want more workouts?There are even more videos on my channel. Check it out and like/subscribe to my channel
So good luck on your fitness journey. Enjoy every step of this amazing life!
I always say the Three Cs of life are choice, chance and change; YOU have to make the choice to take the chance, if you want anything to change.
Antoine Fitness


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