Monday, 22 June 2015

Lovely the Fitness Sex Toy that tracks your calories and Man's Performance plus i am running in their commercial!

One of the funniest and/or strangest consequences of modelling, is that your face/image can appear in the most random places.

I did something in modelling that is called Stock footage/photography. It is where production companies film generic footage that other companies will buy for their advertising campaigns. Images like
when you click on a news/blog and you see a picture than illustrates the theme of the article.

In my case i agreed to simply run in a park and have a film crew film me. Which in itself is a fairly normal and mundane activity to do. I had thought to myself what's the worst this could be used for...

Little did i know i would get a message from a friend "is this you in this sex toy advert?" ehhh what! Lovely... No that's the name of the toy that measures a man's performance during sex.

The Independent writes;
"Tired of not being able to track the average speed of your thrusts during sex? Well, your problems will be solved with the Lovely - a sex toy that's been touted as 'the fitbit, but for your penis'.Lovely is undergoing crowdfunding at the moment, but if the team manages to raise $85,000 in the next 32 days, they will be able to make the product a reality. They've already manage to raise an impressive $9,800 in just four days through their IndieGoGo page."
I can see the many people who take fitness far too seriously eagerly buying this toy and app. After you 'finish' the app sends your score to your phone and allows you to analyse what you and your partner already know. If you have the energy to sit and read an app then you obviously didn't "work" hard enough during your naked cardio! With that said...

Click here to watch for yourself! See if you can spot me...